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Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Valentines Day......

We drove up Monday 13Th, that night to Salt Lake on our way up we get a call from Uncle Kevin he told us that on the news they were taking about a shortage of chemo and was wondering if this would effect Hunter? I had not heard about this shortage so I was not sure. Hunter was to have two doses of chemo this trip. I didn't think they would have to put him under for R.T.U. because Hunter got the croup Tuesday a week before. So we had him still fast to see what the Doctor had to say. We are at clinic and I had brought some Valentines for the other kids from Hunter (who doesn't like fun dip,right) While Hunter was making a Valentine we got called back fast, clinic was slow that day. Dr.Lemons came in the room and the first thing he talked about was the shortage. I know I was looking at him like a deer caught in the head lights. It's a feeling that hits you straight in your heart and your heart just sinks. I am overwhelm with fear and very scared. It's true and this is going to effect him how? We will not know how this will effect him until it happens. We have been told that if Hunter just stops his treatments today he would be fine for a while but he would relapse and not be so lucky as to have ALL leukemia. It would could back very aggressive into an other leukemia. He would have to have a bone marrow transplant too. I remember the first time we had went up to Primaries Children's and the nurse we had told us when we found out Hunter had ALL Leukemia he said,"this is the one you would hope for." A flood of memories just came rushing over me. Memories that have forever been burned into my sole. Just the right key of words can open my wall that I have built so strong and tall. Now we are back to picking up the pieces and hoping and praying that none of these kids have to go with out this poison that is keeping them all alive and here with us. Hunter did have chemo in his spine this trip but in three months when he is due for it again they are not for sure if it will be available. So a not so Happy Valentines Day but a unforgetable. But you all can help in our fight by send this letter and make those phone call's. Help all of us in our fights.Thank you all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  Love The Laubs                                                                                                                                   CureSearch for Children's Cancer
Contact the following pharmaceutical companies who produce methotrexate and ask them to:
  1. Prioritize the production of the preservative-free form of methotrexate.
  2. Consider working with the FDA to import preservative-free methotrexate if sources are available.
APP Customer Service1-888-386-1300
Hospira, Inc. Customer Service1-877-946-7747
Mylan Institutional1-888-258-4199
Sandoz Customer Service1-609-627-8500

Second, contact your Representatives and Senators on Capitol Hill and ask them to immediately send a letter to these same pharmaceutical companies requesting that they:
  1. Prioritize the production of the preservative-free form of methotrexate.
  2. Consider working with the FDA to import preservative-free methotrexate if sources are available.
To send a letter to your representative, click here.
Thank you for your support of this important issue!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Triston !!!


Thank you for sharing your day with Hunter.

What was left !!!
Happy Birthday Triston !!! Who would have ever thought we would have two BEAUTIFUL boys in our life's today.(So blessed we are) Mom and Dad want you to know how much we love you. With all of our hearts and then some !!!! How proud we are of you !!! You are the very best big brother ever. Hunter thinks the world of you and I know you might not know what is really going on with your brother right now but when you are older you will read this blog you will remember some things that went on this part of your life. Remember that Hunter admires you and wants to be just like you. You help Hunter keep fighting strong everyday Thank you so much for that. You both are not just brothers but best of friends for life. Happy Birthday Triston !!!! We love you with all of our hearts, Dad, Mom and Hunter