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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Back from another treatment done !!!

Thank you Hanna for making Hunter SMILE !!!!

Hunter  loves to play with play doh.

Hunter loves Oliver who comes and visit.

Hunter first room at Primaries.

Hunter wishing, mom hoping

You know that we have Hunter accessed here in town and to our surprise one of our FAVORITE nurse was there. Hanna we love you !!! You are so wonderful to Hunter and make him fill so very comfortable for everything he is going to be put through. You get the ball rolling just right so Hunter under stands what to expected when he gets to Primaries. Thank you for everything Hanna you are a mothers wish come in our situation !!!! Now for the not so great part Hunter starts STEROID on these trips to Primary Children. On our way into Primaries Hunter wanted to make a wish in the fountain. I told him that we would make a wish when he was done. Sorry to the public passing by but, Hunter started throwing a fit and shouting I WANT TO MAKE A WISH !!!!! Oh yeah for me the STEROIDS are kicking in !!!!! After some couching I finely got him in and up stairs for treatment. After seeing the doctor she (Dr.Lemmons was not in clinic today) told us after this dose of steroids his lungs should be good from the croup.(A load off from my chest from worrying about the croup.) On our way out we stopped by to see Jessica. As we went down the hall to her room she was right across the hall from the room we first stayed in when Hunter was diagnosed. A flood of bad memories hit me like a ton of bricks. I remember EVERYTHING like it was yesterday. Chandra you are so very confident,and Jessica looks very good for everything she has been through. Our thoughts and prayers are with your hole family. PLEASE let us know if we can do anything !!! Now it's time to go out to the fountain to make a wish. Lots of wishes were made today some all at once.Thank you Hunter !!! Off to see Daddy and Triston in the car. I forgot to tell you all that Hunter is going to receive his wish from the wizard. We got it in the mail before we left to go up to Primaries and his wish is..............WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD !!!! In fact Rick and I were talking on the way home last night about how will our boy's  be on a six and a half hour flight to Florida when they fight like cats and dogs ALL THE WAY HOME from Salt lake !!!  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers !!!  Love,The Laub's

Very Thankful for the 21st ward !!!


Get him Hunter !!!

 Helping us through Hunter fight and bringing a smile to all of our faces. Our boy's look forward to The Snyder's bringing the sacrament to our home twice a month and our home teachers every month. I hope that our boy's grow up to be just like you McCain who we have come to know. With the compassion and love that you as a young man show our boy's. I hope I don't embarrass McCain, but the example you show our boy's is unforgettable. I'll never forget the first time you came over to our house after Hunter was diagnosed. After everything Hunter has been through he would hide under the table (still does some times when new people come over like when Santa was here) I couldn't believe this while Hunter was hiding under the table you crawled under to talk to him. After that when he knew you were on the way over he would get toys and bring them under the table for you to play him. You brought tears to my eyes the first time I witnessed this and still makes me emotional to think about it today. You are AMAZING McCain and truly a blessing for our boy's !!! Your dad is AMAZING as well (your parent's have taught you well) Paul the marshmallow fight was super fun. Lot's of frustration was released THANK YOU !!!! Thank you for letting Hunter beat you up !!! Watch out because next time Hunter will be on STEROIDS !!! Our home teachers Brother Jackson and John (for give me I have forgotten your last name) our boy's look forward to you as well. Story time with you Brother Jackson our boy's LOVE IT !!! THANK YOU ALL for everything you do for our family !!!!  Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Love, The Laubs

Thursday, January 6, 2011

One of my worst fears !!!

After coming home from the ER

One of my worst fears has come in to play. Friday we had to call Oncology because Hunter was running a low grade fever. The on call Practitioner told Rick that they have seen a lot of this up to the clinic. If Hunter fever gets to 101 he would have to be seen. We have done this before the second week we came home from Primary Children's Hunter had to be seen down here. They drew his blood to grow a 24 hour culture to see if it had infection in it. On our way up to Primaries the next day for treatment our pediatrician called to confirm that yes Hunter did have infection in his blood and he would be admitted. That was our second week of staying up to Primaries. After very little sleep by Sunday morning when Hunter woke up Rick called me at work to tell me that he had to call Oncology because Hunter woke up coughing like he had the croup. The Practitioner on call told Rick that we needed to take him to the emergency room. When we got their they took us right back they took x ray of Hunter chest and told us that he had scaring in his lungs. They gave him 12mg of STEROID'S !! (yeah for us) Then they gave us instruction and sent us on our way. In the parking lot we were waiting for daddy and Triston to come over to the Hospital from Grandma's and Grandpa's as soon as they pulled up my cell phone rang it was the emergency room calling saying miscommunication and we need you back in here. Away we went back in they had to take more chest x ray's they also did a nasal swab to see if Hunter had the flu. Five hours later we left to fill prescriptions. Hunter has early stages of the croup. So far now he  hasn't got any worse but now he, WE are all getting some sleep now. Thank you for your thought's and prayers !!!!  love, the laub's