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Thursday, January 6, 2011

One of my worst fears !!!

After coming home from the ER

One of my worst fears has come in to play. Friday we had to call Oncology because Hunter was running a low grade fever. The on call Practitioner told Rick that they have seen a lot of this up to the clinic. If Hunter fever gets to 101 he would have to be seen. We have done this before the second week we came home from Primary Children's Hunter had to be seen down here. They drew his blood to grow a 24 hour culture to see if it had infection in it. On our way up to Primaries the next day for treatment our pediatrician called to confirm that yes Hunter did have infection in his blood and he would be admitted. That was our second week of staying up to Primaries. After very little sleep by Sunday morning when Hunter woke up Rick called me at work to tell me that he had to call Oncology because Hunter woke up coughing like he had the croup. The Practitioner on call told Rick that we needed to take him to the emergency room. When we got their they took us right back they took x ray of Hunter chest and told us that he had scaring in his lungs. They gave him 12mg of STEROID'S !! (yeah for us) Then they gave us instruction and sent us on our way. In the parking lot we were waiting for daddy and Triston to come over to the Hospital from Grandma's and Grandpa's as soon as they pulled up my cell phone rang it was the emergency room calling saying miscommunication and we need you back in here. Away we went back in they had to take more chest x ray's they also did a nasal swab to see if Hunter had the flu. Five hours later we left to fill prescriptions. Hunter has early stages of the croup. So far now he  hasn't got any worse but now he, WE are all getting some sleep now. Thank you for your thought's and prayers !!!!  love, the laub's

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