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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Belated Christmas & Happy New Year !!!

We wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year and a belated Merry Christmas.Well truth be known the boy's must have been nice this year because Santa did come . Every day after Christmas Triston wakes up runs into the living room and said," ooh,Santa didn't come." He has been doing this for the last couple of years. So now for new year resolutions, mine is to enjoy the little things and never take them for granted. We hope that your 2011 will be your best year yet. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers !!!  

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Jessica is the daughter of Rick's boss at his work. They got their news on 22nd of December that she has Wilma's tumor. It is stage 4 cancer it started in her kidney and has spread to her lung. They are going to hit her hard with chemo. Please pray for them and pray that her little body will be strong enough to handle every thing they will be giving her. Cody and Chandra your family are in our prayers and our boys prayers too !!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back from another treatment

Hunter gets accessed here in town the ladies are very good to him.

At Primary Children's

He likes to take us for a ride.

Hunter had to fast before his lumbar puncture. So he gets a cup cake for fasting.

Hunter wishing

Back to Primary Children's for another treatment. I was so very nervous because Hunter turned three. This means the chemo they put in his spine goes up because this dose is measured by age. I keep him in the exact same clothes every time in clinic because his chemo dose is measured by height,weight. I new it was going to go up, but to our surprise all of his doses went up. He has grown 7 centimeters in a month and has gained a pound in three months. Dr. Lemmons was surprised that he reweigh him to make sure. So this means when they do his lumbar puncture they but in 2 mls more of chemo in his spine and the vincristine they put through his port goes up by height and weight. Last but surely not the least his oral chemo at home he takes every day has gone up to a pill and a haft every day and on Thursday it is seven and a half pills. Now the super fun part is his steroids go up too, YEAH !!!!!! So now after Hunter's treatment is over our boy's go outside to make a wish in the fountains. Now that it is winter Triston and Daddy has to say out in the car so Hunter is the wisher today.The boy's get to throw the money in the fountain and Daddy & Mommy gets to make the wish. Our wish is for a cure for Leukemia. They can't wait to play in the snow and throw snow ball's so they did outside the Hospital. We have been going to Baskin Robbins after for ice cream but this time was different instead of ice cream we went to Make a Wish. Hunter and Triston just wanted to play outside in the snow when we got there. We had to coach them in and when we did we went up stair's to play a game. We had the boy's attention for about 2 minuets then they wanted to run around and play. So as we tried to play the game we got to write down a wish for Hunter. This is very Emotional for me,I cried through most of the game when we had to write things down for Hunter. So now it is time for Hunter to make his wish and take it to the wizard to see if it will be granted. The ladies helped him with his wish they picked Disney World. But we have to make two wishes to see witch one the wizard will grant him. His other wish was a pirate ship play house. They had told us about another little boy who wished for that. Hunter was given a key to open the door but it was a little hard for him to open so Triston helped. As we walk in there was a water fall in the middle and lights all a round the room. Hunter went straight for the water fall. He would but his hand's in it and get his jacket wet then flip them up and down so we all got a little wet. Triston listen better to the ladies so Hunter could play in the water. Thank you Triston for helping your brother. As we stood in the room we read all of our wishes to Hunter.I will tell you our wishes. Daddy said,"Beat the cancer and have a long happy life." I wrote,"To be happy forever and then some."And to help find a cure for someone else." When the wizard grants his wish we will let you all know. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Love, The Laub's

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa is checking his list maybe twice?

                                                            Santa come and get me !!!!

                                                                 We love his boot's !!!!

                                                     Bandaid for Rudolph he so sweet !!!!

Santa and Mrs.Clause came over to see if our boy's have been naught or nice? Hunter made a be line under the table and told Santa to come and get him. I think Santa was thinking about it but Mrs.Clause gave him that look. Then he saw Triston getting a gift from Santa and out comes Hunter !!!  Triston looked outside to see where the reindeer were? He asked Santa were they were? Santa replied, at the airport. Mrs.Clause said," Rudolph skinned his nose and they are taking care of him." Santa told him that the reindeer needed all the rest so they could get to deliver presents on Christmas day. Then Hunter came out with a bandaged for Rudolph and proudly gave it to Mrs.Clause and told her," here you go !!!" Our Christmas wish is to find a cure for leukemia for some one else. Thank you Santa and Mrs.Clause for stopping by to see us !!! Sorry for this late post !!! Thank you for you thoughts and prayers !!!! Love, The Laub's

Monday, December 6, 2010


 Here is a brave and strong little boy who needs our prayers sent his way !!!!  Please pray for Skyler and his mother !!!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Another treatment done

YEAH, another treatment done it was so cold. We got into Salt Lake on Monday evening got the boys settled in and they don't go to bed until really late because they are trapped the truck all the way up. And a blizzard warning had came on the news yearly that Tuesday morning. So we had to get packed up to head home and that made us late for our appointment. But we got it done, and the boy's always get ice cream after Hunter's treatment. It was so cold that the last couple of times we stop at Baskin Robins I ran in and got cones with sprinkles of course and they got to eat it in the truck. And down to say good bye and take our wagon back to our FAVORITE AUNT JUDY WE LOVE YOU !!!  Off for home a head of the storm. When we got home the boys made their Thanksgiving turkey's, YUMMY !! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers love, The Laub's