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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa is checking his list maybe twice?

                                                            Santa come and get me !!!!

                                                                 We love his boot's !!!!

                                                     Bandaid for Rudolph he so sweet !!!!

Santa and Mrs.Clause came over to see if our boy's have been naught or nice? Hunter made a be line under the table and told Santa to come and get him. I think Santa was thinking about it but Mrs.Clause gave him that look. Then he saw Triston getting a gift from Santa and out comes Hunter !!!  Triston looked outside to see where the reindeer were? He asked Santa were they were? Santa replied, at the airport. Mrs.Clause said," Rudolph skinned his nose and they are taking care of him." Santa told him that the reindeer needed all the rest so they could get to deliver presents on Christmas day. Then Hunter came out with a bandaged for Rudolph and proudly gave it to Mrs.Clause and told her," here you go !!!" Our Christmas wish is to find a cure for leukemia for some one else. Thank you Santa and Mrs.Clause for stopping by to see us !!! Sorry for this late post !!! Thank you for you thoughts and prayers !!!! Love, The Laub's

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