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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another treatment done

So glad to be home and another treatment done. Our boys could not wait to get to Salt Lake the hole way up they talked about throwing snow balls and making snow angles. Feeling very overwhelmed to take our Hunter home.  I met Skyler's mom Crystal another little fighter from leukemia. I was a mess couldn't stop my tears from falling. Very confident Crystal is I admire her!!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR HER SKYLER !!!  Miracles do happen every day. I was thinking back today before Hunter was born and how i prayed, practically begging to be blessed with a baby. After our first son our fertility Doctor told us it would be fifty times harder to have another baby. It took us twelve years to Triston and when we were told I was pregnant again I could not believe it!!! Then to find out we had two heart beats overwhelmed with joy!!! By three month's along we had only one heart beat. Still very grateful to have one instead of none. You see our little miracle boy fought very hard to come to this world and he is fighting a very hard to say. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.  love, Laubs

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