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Friday, May 11, 2012

Treatment for May.......

Found a new Friend on our way to R.T.U. his name is Reggie.

Oliver is still our favorite !!!

Just a little wet.
Making wishes and hoping they will come true.
It has been a long time sense I have been blogging. I need to keep up with this but our life is so busy. Looking at other blogs help me to understand what Hunter really go's through. This helps me be his voice to make things better for him. This trip was R.T.U. now Hunter is growing up and he knows what happens to him and he doesn't want any part of it. Before R.T.U. at the clinic we discovered that Hunter had a blood clot in the casing of his port. Normal would be to panic ( I was scared to death !!!) So down we went to R.T.U. I told them that he had a blood clot in his port so they would not be able to draw back on his port. After R.T.U. they started Hunter on tissue-type piasminogen activator ( T.P.A.) Every fifteen minutes they would come in and try to draw back for blood. An hour has passed now still no blood on the draw back our nurse has to go and talk to Dr. Lemons. Dr. Lemons wants to do a boluses This is one or two doses of a 10,000 unit of urokinase for two hours. Now if this doesn't work then Hunter would be put under to see exactly where his blood clot is.Finally it all worked out their were able to draw back and get blood (Whoot Whoot).This trip I think I aged about ten years with the scare of a life time. We promised Hunter he would be able to go see the Stingrays at the living aquarium and it was well deserved he was a trooper with everything that happened to him.We would like to thank Cheri and Oliver for coming to see us. Oliver is Hunters favorite.... The fountain was finally running and we went to make wishes. Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and prayers. Love the Laub's

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