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Friday, November 19, 2010


Seventeen years ago today Rick and I were married. I love you honey !!  A happily ever after we are still working on. I asked him tonight if this is what he thought married life would be like ? He said,"yes but I never thought I would have a child with cancer." Fortunately life has it challenges. I know we where being prepared for this. Our little Hunter was signed up on a study program through Primaries where we were told he contains a gene that helps him respond very well to the chemo. (Hoping for a cure for others.) Hunter has only missed one of his counts for treatment.We are so very blessed knowing how lucky we truly are because I know things could be worse, a lot worse. Lots of people tell me how strong I am "if they only new me." The strength I have is the example our Hunter has shown me. Monday we will be on our way for treatment and were told daddy and Triston can not be in the clinic this time. We know the reasons are for the every one's own good,but Triston and Hunter are inseparable..... Not looking forward to clinic on Tuesday.

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