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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another treatment done !!!

THANK YOU SHERRY !!!! This means a lot to us !!!!

Hunter wishing mom hoping !!!

Triston wishing mom still hoping!!!

PEEK A BOO !!!!!

Dad would say "spur em get him going !!!!"

We are back from another treatment. This treatment was VERY  EMOTIONAL for me. Hunter is allergic to the tegaderm film they put over his port after he is access. He's constantly rubbing his port,even in his sleep. On this trip up to Primaries he was just to get Vincristine through his port. But this time was a lot different when they tried to flush his port to give him his chemo he started to cry. When they went to draw back no blood went into the syringe just bubbles. Hunter was crying so hard the sailing was just going into his tissue and the nurse told me it really hurts. This means Hunter will have to be DE-access and Re-access. Hunter itches his chest so much that he DE-access him self. The nurse had to take the tegaderm film off to DE-access him and his hole body was shaking because there was an extra tegaderm film on him covering more then his port. So it took longer to get this off. In St. George where he is access they put a extra tegaderm film on him because they didn't think it would stay on the way it was placed. Hunter hates to be accessed !!! But he knows it has to be done. He will hold my fingers and SQUEEZE TIGHT as I whisper to him in his ear telling him that his mommy is right hear by him. He had a visitor during all of this it was Oliver !!! THANK YOU  so very much Sherry for bring Oliver in to see Hunter. It truly help Hunter him !!! So while we were waiting for the lidocaine to numb his chest Hunter was playing with Oliver. Access and time for chemo. A short trip turn into a three and a half hour trip. But good news Hunter counts are up this means because he is doing well they are going to increase his chemo. (Mom is worried) So our brave little fighter made it through another treatment. After treatment we went out to the car to get daddy and Triston and took our boys to the fountain to make a wish. After we decided to take the boys to the living aquarium this time instead of  ice cream. THEY LOVED IT !!!! Hunter played peek a boo with the sting rays. But nether of the boys would not touch them they just played in the water.We want to thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers !!! Love,the Laubs

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