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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hunter's treatment done for March

Mr. Growly  Guss

He HATES this part.

Catch !!!


I do have to APOLOGIES for not posting sooner. We both work full time and I try to HELP with our farm.(SORRY,HONEY) I need at least three more hours in the day and hope that will be enough!!! Hunter had his lumbar puncher this trip. We have Hunter accessed here in town. "THANK YOU HEATHER!!!!" For making Hunter smile,WE LUV YA!!!! When we got up to clinic chemo was not ready it should have been in by 9:00am but wasn't. Hunter appointment 8:00am at clinic and at 9:30am at RTU so down stairs we went. As we got Hunter registered for RTU the lady asked Hunter if he would like a teddy bear that someone had donated. Hunter Said yes !!! He named his bear Growly Guss bear,he loves him. He took his bear to RTU with him and told them all his name and showed them how he Growls. While we were waiting for Dr.Spraker to do his lumbar puncher Hunter was playing with them at RTU with an imaginary ball. THANK YOU ALL at the RTU for making Hunter smile !!!! On our trips I try to do something fun so he will remember all the fun he has had instead of the chemo and all that comes with it. Now back up stairs for more chemo. I always order Hunter a cupcake after RTU. As we got up stairs I try not to let Hunter venture out much. Our second week after Hunter was diagnosed he picked up a bug that is only in Hospital's in infusions so I am PETRIFIED to take him in back. But we survived !!!! Our favorite visitor came in to see us Oliver!!! (THANK YOU SHERRY!!!!) Now outside to see Daddy and Triston to make our wishes. Mom is still wishing for a cure !! We save the best part for last...... on our way home we picked up a new puppy. Her name is Snickers,and the boy's are so EXCITED !!!! Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers!!! Love, The Laub's

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