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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Needing some prayers our way !!!

First I do have to apologies for not posting sooner !!! I promise to show and tell every detail on Hunter's Make-a-wish trip soon !! While we were in Florida Hunter's grandpa was admitted in the rest home for cellulitis infection. Grandma was watching our boy's while Daddy and Mommy works and brought home the Rhino flu from visiting grandpa. Hunter got it the next day because of his immune system. Then Daddy,Triston and yes,even grandma got it too. Daddy and Triston had to be checked out and two day's later Triston came home with the croup. While we were up to Primaries for treatment last Tuesday they did not do Hunter's RTU because he has been sick. We were Quentin to our room on this trip. Now last night back again to the hospital for fever now throwing up. Got home about 4:00am and this morning and another fever at 8:00am we will be going back later today for more antibiotic through his port. So Hunter has the Rhino flu with croup that keeps hanging on and now throwing up with fever. This has been a ROUGH FOUR WEEKS. This mommy is asking please,for some prayers to be sent his way !!! Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers !! Love,The Laub's

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