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Friday, October 7, 2011

Loosing grandpa Harvey and a treatment for August.......

Loosing grandpa Harvey is a great loss in our family. Our boys still talk about him today and I hope they never forget him. This was a loss that didn't have to happen. He will truly be missed. We were very blessed to have spent his last days with him. It was an honer to be with him. As young as our boys are I hope these memories stay with them for the rest of their lives. Triston and Hunter both have grandpa's crooked little smile and Triston has his hands. Little reminders that will help us to never forget him so very grateful for reminders. I told the boys in there questions about grandpa, why and what was happening to him that grandpa was going to help be their guarding angle. To watch over them both and to keep them safe and we will see him again some day.

I told them that the brightest star in the sky they will see at night will be grandpa watching over them. When we least expect it and running out the door at night or when we are coming home in the evening and the stars are shining so very bright the boys will shout out,"we miss you grandpa Harvey !!!" Rick and I both look at each other and just smile. If we have learned anything in our journey with fighting cancer is life is to short and your life is what you make of it. We will never know how long we all have but I hope that when that time comes, I can be remembered with a smile on my family's face. Harvey was a tell you like it is kind of a man. You might not have like the answer he gave you but it was the truth straight from his mouth. He treated me just like is own. I am very grateful for that. He will be missed but never forgotten. We buried grandpa and a week later we left to go for Hunter's treatment.

So we went to have Hunter accessed here in town and I saw that it wasn't the right bandage for him. I asked the nurse and she said,"I looked in his charted and this is the one." I asked again and told her that it is brown. And Child life was in there and she agreed with me. She said,"she is right it is brown." This nurse insisted that it was the right band aid and I believed her. I should have listen to my gut. "I know better then this." So we leave for Primaries and this time it is RTU. We go up stairs to do more blood work and as they put in the saline and Hunter started to cry and grabbed his chest. My heart just sank, I was sick, Hunter de-accessed him self. This means that Hunter can not be numbed again because the spray burns him worse then the band aids. So now that he is re accesses we are heading down stairs to RTU. We had to wait for an hour and a half. Mom is still kicking my self for this. Now it is our turn and we get into RTU and the anesthesiology just pushes in the meds into his port. He always grabs me so tightly before he falls asleep but not this time Hunter stared to cry, yes Hunter has de-accessed him self again. Now Hunter is very swollen and they have to re access him and it is not working so they have to pick the needle up and down at least five or six times to try to get it in. They can not get Hunter accessed. By this time Hunter is hysterical. The anesthesiology had to order him some liquid Versed to clam him down. They had to shoot this up in his nose with a nurse on each side of him. It took six adults to hold him down through all of this. Now they had to call a nurse from up stairs to RTU to access Hunter. This worked (yeah) now they can give him his chemo. As I walked outside to wait for Hunter I lost it. I felt so guilty I should have listen to my gut. I think the hardest part is knowing what all Hunter has to go through and I could have prevented this. Waiting for Hunter The Doctor came out to tell me that she had missed in his spine so he will have two pokes in his back. They think he will be a little while waking up from all the meds and how sorry she was (which made me cry more) so they will see me up stair when he wakes up. Two minutes later Hunter woke up screaming to get away from him. So I went back he wanted out of there,he wanted his dad and he wanted to go home. I told him we had to go up stairs he stared to cry this broke my heart even more. We get up stairs and we run into Sherry and Oliver this always makes Hunter's day (not today!) had to apologize to her for Hunter. Hunter is so done this trip,he has had enough this time. He didn't even want to make his wish outside this time. The next day I had to call Primaries because Hunter was not eating anything and he is on a high dose of dexamethasone, six tablets twice a day and I had to ask them about a rash he was starting to get on his face. I was told that if it get worse then bring him in. We got ready to head home arrived just in St.George just before 9:30pm to go to Red Rock pediatrics to have Hunter checked out because now his rash is all over his face and he is itchy. Hunter had an allergic reaction to the versed they shot up his noise. We never got home until after 11:00pm. We unpacked and went to bed. I got up early to get things done before I had to be to work and Hunter started throwing up every where. Hunter was screaming and saying," my head is hurting!" I thought he was having an aneurysm but come to find out when they missed on his spinal it caused him to leak spinal fluid so Hunter was having migraine head aches. Hunter had to be put back on Oxycontin and Zofran to help with his head ache and to stop him from throwing up. This lasted for a week and a half. Our blog is late we made it through another treatment. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. Love,The Laub's

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  1. Thanks for the update. I think and pray often for your sweet family. Love, Sister Bird