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Friday, December 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Hunter !!!

Hunter won the Birthday cake from KONY !!!!

Birthday cards from the Schmitt family,Thank you !!!

What was left.
Hunter turns 4 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BIRTHDAY BOY !!!) and winter is finally here because both of our boy's have the crop. We didn't have much of a party for Hunter because he was sick and TWO boy's on STERIODS just was not happy birthday party but..... unforgettable! But as tradition will show you all he enjoyed his birthday. We had a R.T.U. appointment this treatment and it was canceled because of him having the crop. It worries me so because this chemo is measured by age and now it will go up. So are next trip will be right before Christmas. Everything Hunter has to go through and still he has a smile on his adorable little face. We love you Hunter !!! Our life is a lot CRAZY right now. My blogs are not up to date like they should be,"I do have to apologize to you all."  November was a challenge my mother in law who has alzheimer's had a small stroke, Hunter birthday and at the same time both of our boy's having the crop, and our 17Th Anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY HONEY !!!! I DO LOVE YOU !!! But things could be worse "a lot worse! " So Happy Belated Thanksgiving we hope that Lot's of memories were made. Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and prays. Love the Laub's

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