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Friday, July 13, 2012

Treatment for July.......

This trip we had to take Triston to the Doctor in Salt Lake City to see a pulmonary specialist. This all started with Triston and Hunter both having the croup from November 2009 to February 2010. This was every month or twice a month. February 19Th 2010 we had both of the boys tonsils taken out on the same day. This was to take care of the croup. But we still keep getting the croup. Both of our boys have been on steroids every month this last year. Let's talk about stress..... A normal immune system anything that goes around your kid would catch it with in three days. A child with no immune system catches things in a day. Triston would get the croup to the point of him shutting down his breathing and he is almost blue and he is ripping off his shirt to breath. After getting him back to breathing again later we wait for Hunter to start running a fever and pray that we can catch it in time so Hunter is not admitted in the hospital. But this would not happen. So I would be in a panic waiting for it to happen to Hunter and hold my breath for the next couple of days. Then I would let down my guard because Hunter would not get it. But some thing inside my heart would taunt me because Hunter should have got this virus.Why didn't get it? This has been bothering me for a year now. A little voice inside my head is tell me something was not right. Now that Triston is six years old and 4'3 his weight is double the size of what a six year old should be. Now

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